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If PikiP solutions don't require electrical connection, they are also innovative in their uses and contribute to democratizing high-quality events on a more reasonable scale.
We distinguish our solutions - pre-assembled sound & energy setups, ready to use, tested, and approved - from the modules that compose them. All are compatible with each other or with other brands on the market, to adapt to the constraints of the site and the audience size.

OUR technologies


PikiP's acoustic modules are designed to offer exceptional sound quality while being more energy-efficient than standard market models. Versatile and suitable for various installations with limited energy resources, these modules ensure a dynamic and precise listening experience. Crafted with components from leading European acoustic manufacturers, the cabinets and finishes are made in France, reflecting a commitment to quality and reliability.

ACoustic module

energy modules

Our energy modules play a crucial role in ensuring the autonomy and sustainability of your setups. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our acoustic modules, they provide a reliable and efficient power source for your events. The components used in these modules come from leading European suppliers, and the entire assembly is crafted in our workshop in France, emphasizing both quality and sustainability.

Energy Modules


AUDIENCE : up to 500

PikiPstage KIT XL : 4xVTL+4xVDS+4xMT
AUDIENCE : Up to 1500

PikiPstage KIT L : 2xVTL+2xVDS+2xMT
AUDIENCE : Up to 1000